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Geert Wilders announces EU election bid

The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) of The Netherlands, Geert Wilders, has announced that he will take part in the European parliamentary elections on June 4. “You may not have noticed, but the campaign for the European parliamentary elections has begun. And you will not believe it, but it can even get exciting.” 

According to Dutch media, the entry of the PVV will enliven the usually staid atmosphere in the capital of Europe – Brussels. Hero Brinkman, a member of the Dutch parliament for the PVV, for example, recently caused a major uproar by accusing politicians of corruption in the Netherlands Antilles. “Our overseas regions were, until recently, far away, and were silently and with a feeling of guilt paid off with a bag of money. This no longer works, ever since Brinkman started to talk about a corrupt nest of villains.” 

Observers expect much the same sort of shake-up for Geert Wilders, who recently was banned from entering Great Britain where he was scheduled to show the House of Lords his controversial film ‘Fitna’, which deals with the threat of Islamism. According to Dutch daily ‘De Volkskrant’, “Wilders’ European party is not named ‘For the Netherlands’ for nothing. Europe doesn’t interest him. The campaign will be about the billions of wasted euros. The corruption in Bulgaria and Romania. About Turkey, which according to Wilders may not become a member ‘not now, not in a hundred years, not in a thousand years, never.” The paper expects an exciting EU campaign.


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