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Bulgaria is not handling corruption well, according to a US report

The Bulgarian legislation requires punishments for acts of corruption among Bulgarian state officials, but the government did not manage to apply this legislation effectively.

This conclusion is made in the Yearly report on human rights of the US State Department, BNR announced.

In the section on Bulgaria it is being pointed out that the Bulgarian government is not persecuting organized crime or corruption and that Bulgarian official representatives often times participate in corruption practices unpunished.

It is being reminded that in the past year the EC severely criticized the government for abuses with European funds.

After the negative report of the EU in June and the blocking of 486 million Euro from the pre-accession aid for Bulgaria on July 23, the government adopted a plan consisting of 80 points, in order to respond to the fears of the EU that it has failed in the investigation of the incompetent management of the EU funds, the report reminds.

In the part of the report, dedicated to the acts of corruption in political authorities in Bulgaria, the Nikolov-Stoykov is being cited and it is being reminded that there are allegations that this group has sponsored key Bulgarian politicians  and that in a EU report, leaked in the media, it is mentioned as a criminal network. The report in the State Department reminds that the sentence of one and a half year for abuses with authority of Ivan Ivanov, the ex Director of the unit for fighting organized crime in the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The case against Rumen Petkov is being cited for the fact that he has publicly announced the case of an agent of DANS (State Agency “National Security”). In the section on freedom of media in the report the State Department reminds of the attack against the Editor-in-Chief Ognyan Stefanov and the murder of Georgi Stoev.

It is being recognized that there is no progress on the investigation of the explosion in the apartment of journalist Vassil Ivanov. In the section on human trafficking it is being reminded that Bulgaria is a starting point or a transit road for human trafficking.


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