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Bulgaria will benefit from an extra BGN 186 million under OP ‘Human Resources Development’

‘Bulgaria will benefit from an extra BGN 186 million under OP ‘Human Resources Development’, earmarked for prequalification and employments of people that have been laid off because of the crisis’, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Emiliya Maslarova said. Maslarova’s experts have already proposed to the Committee for monitoring the program a couple of anti-crisis projects. The idea is to prepare and redirect to new jobs nearly 7200 people, as well as to prequalify another 40000, who lost their work after 1 November 2008. The initiatives also provide financial incentives to employers for hiring nearly 32000 people for at least 9 months.

Source: Focus agency

Bulgaria’s unemployment rate continued to increase for the fifth month in a row in February, official statistics showed. A total of 248,000 Bulgarians were registered as unemployed in February, up by 7,000 over the previous month. The average jobless rate for Bulgaria stood at 6.69%, going up by 0.9% since September when it notched up for the first time. Experts attribute the increase in unemployment rate to the deterioration in the economic situation, the reduction in the work load of companies in the textile, construction and wood-processing sectors, where lay-offs are widespread.

Source: Darik radio

The European Commission said in a March 19 2009 media statement that it had formally requested Bulgaria to change some of its tax provisions. The provisions with which the EC has taken issue are those according to which certain types of Bulgarian source income are subject to a withholding tax on a gross base when paid to non-residents while Bulgarian residents may deduct expenses related to the same income. The EC considers that these rules may lead to higher taxation for non-resident taxpayers and therefore are incompatible with the freedom to provide services and the free movement of capital.

Source: Sofia Echo

Bulgaria’s PM, Sergei Stanishev, demanded additional compensations from the EU for the pre-term decommissioning of Units 3 and 4 of NPP Kozloduy. At the summit of the Council of Europe held in Brussels, PM Stanishev underlined that Bulgaria had already submitted a detailed and well-grounded document regarding the additional compensations. The reason for PM Stanishev’s demand is the present re-examination of the EU financial perspective till 2013. Bulgaria insists on getting the same amount in compensations as the other EU states that decommissioned their reactors received. It is a question of millions of euro.

Source: Standart

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