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GERB Nominates Sofia Mayor Borisov for Bulgaria‚Äôs Next PM

The chair of the GERB Party Tzvetanov has formally declared that Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov would become Bulgaria’s next Prime Minister, should GERB win majority in Parliament. This for the first time in a Tuesday morning interview for the bTV channel, Tzvetan Tzvetan officially made it clear that the informal leader and founder of GERB Borisov would aspire for the Prime Minister job.

IMF: Euro adoption the solution for Eastern Europe

The central and east European countries should consider the option of adopting the euro, even unilaterally, at least to alleviate some of the burden of foreign debts of USD 413 billion. The idea of quasi-membership was proposed in a report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from a month ago, quoted by the Financial Times on Monday.