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Another Bulgarian businessman kidnapped.

The alarming trend continues with yet another Bulgarian businessman vanishing, three days after the 70-year-old Kiro Kirov was released by his kidnappers.

Vene Sotirov (64) has been missing since the evening of April 16. According to broadcaster bTV, there is a strong possibility that he was abducted in or near the Sofia borough of Souhata Reka, where he was last seen.

According to broadcaster Darik News, the abduction was carried out by the same group that kidnapped Kirov, but as of now there is no ransom demand made.

In fact, apart from kidnapping speculation from bTV and Darik, there is no such official information confirmed by the authorities.

Sotirov owns a chain of stores in Sofia and is involved with catering, Dnevnik daily reported. According to 24 Chasa daily, Sotirov was a member of the supervisory board of the First Eastern International Bank, now the International Asset Bank, alongside the president of Slavia Sofia football club Ventsislav Stefanov and former MP Dimitar Lambovski, among others.

Until 1996, he was in the executive board of the Central Cooperative Bank.  Sofia Echo

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