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Nazi banner hangs from 60m factory chimney in Bulgaria

A large Third Reich banner hung for a second day running from an industrial chimney standing 60m tall in the town of Pazardjik in central Bulgaria, Bulgarian news agency Focus reported.

The highly offensive symbol appeared on the 120th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20.

Attempts to take down the flag on April 20 were aborted because of the fears that a black box wired to the flag contained a home-made bomb, prompting the police to secure the perimeter of the chimney.

Snipers had to be called in to shoot at the box and detonate it, but in the end the presumed bomb turned out to be fake.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation against unknown perpetrators on charges of fascist propaganda, which under Bulgaria’s penal code is punishable by a jail term of up to three years or a fine of 5000 leva.  (about EUR2500)