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If you are Proud to be Bulgarian, you should add that you are proud to be a non-marginalised Bulgarian. The elderly, handicapped, Roma and anyone else who do not fit into the ‘Perfect Bulgaria’ awaits a ‘proudless’ life.

I believe that we can not keep blaming our governments because they will never get any better. Individual responsibility through personal actions, NGO’s and private initiatives are the only way forward at the moment. Too many nice cars and zero civil responsibility…

A shocking video of ill patients in a home for mentally retarded old people in Batak, Bulgaria has been uploaded on Vbox.

The video was filmed in a sick room of the home and two old people are seen to be visibly in a terrible condition with one of them literally skin and bones. The authors of the Vbox clip, uploaded under the name “Forgotten by God”, even warn viewers that it should not be watched by children or people with a heart condition.

The clip ends with a note that both Tuberculosis and other mysterious deaths have been hidden from the authorities by the home’s director.

The director of the home, Dora Papanova, stated that the video footage is at least two years old and was made by a former nurse. She added that the reality of the situation at the home does not resemble the footage.Papanova said the reality of social institution does not meet what is seen from the clips.

The Bulgarian authorities have stated that they will investigate and the Mayor of Batak, Peter Paunov, will hold a press conference on the issue on Wednesday.

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