Bulgarians lead some of the less happy lives on the planet, according to a survey conducted by the Universities of Rotterdam and Granada, EFE reported.
The survey shows that the citizens of Bulgaria are only in the middle range of the list of countries where people lead a happy life.
The Spanish enjoy an average of 58,8 years of happy life, placing the country among the top of the list of 148 countries that includes more that 95% of the world’s population.
According to the world data on happiness, the country where one lives happy for longest is Costa Rica with 66,7 years, followed by Spain and Denmark with 66,4 and 65 years of happiness.
Zimbabwe is the country whose people have only 12,5 years of happiness, as well as Tanzania with 14,4 years. Afghanistan has 19,0 years.
Spain beats its neighbors France and Portugal, but is behind when compared to some Latin American countries such as Mexico, where life is happy for all 59,5 years.
In comparison, Bulgaria’s happy life years total 34,1, lower than most of its neighbors. Greece is 51,0, Turkey 41,0, Romania 40,0 and Serbia 40,5 years. Moldova comes out below Bulgaria, with 33,2 years.
Bulgaria scores only 4,4 out of 10 points for overall satisfaction with life; and life expectancy is shown as 72,7 years, low for European countries.

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