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A scandal erupted in the Bulgarian Parliament Thursday after nationalist Ataka party leader Volen Siderov accused Conservative Order, Law and Justice (RZS) leader, Yane Yanev, of hiding his “homosexual relationships”.
Siderov made his claims in front of the European and US ambassadors who were attending the plenary session. He said: “homosexual addiction, which is an open secret about Yane Yanev, that is the case….We see some hysterical actions by a boy (Yanev) who acts according to his homosexual and other dependencies.”
Siderov added that former secret service agent Alexey Petrov is pulling Yanev’s strings and that they are providing money to businessmen to split up the Ataka party and to stop its support for the ruling GERB government.
Yanev replied by saying that Siderov was inferior and that he has always been been and will remain heterosexual. He added that Siderov had shamed himself in the eyes of Europe and the World.
Parliament Speaker, Tsetska Tsacheva, said that the case will be referred to the Committee on Parliamentary Ethics Committee. She stressed that such statements undermine the image of parliament and was clear that such behavior will not be tolerated.

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