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Hamburg International had it’s first flight from Berlin to Sofia

HAMBURG-INTERNATIONAL had it’s first succesful flight from Berlin Schönefeld to Sofia on December 23rd. Despite malicious attempts from the Bulgarian competitors, the flight went ahead with no delay. 

HAMBURG International is offering weekly scheduled flights between Berlin Schönefeld and Sofia.

All flights are operated by brand-new AIRBUS A319 aircraft with 150 seats.

HAMBURG International was founded in 1998, growing continuously, operating flights from more than 20 Airports in Germany and neighbouring countries to the most popular vacation regions in Europe, Middle-East and Asia, as well as the typical ethnic flights.

The fleet consists of 8 brand-new AIRBUS A319 aircraft and one Boeing 737-700.

For further information please visit: SOFIA-INTERNATIONAL.DE

SOFIA International is an official partner of HAMBURG International and is authorized to market their flights and to offer tickets on behalf of HAMBURG International.