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ISLAM does not exist according to Google suggestions…

Are you confused about what Islam is? Don’t worry Google’s suggestion program doesn’t know either.

If you type, “Buddhism is” or “Christianity is,” Google shows you suggestions for what it thinks you might be trying to type. In the case of Buddhism, Google guesses “not a religion,” “wrong,” “not what you think.” Christianity gets an amazingly harsh treatment with the suggestions “bullshit” and “not a religion.”

But with the query “Islam is”? Google can’t come up with one suggestion.

It is obvious that Google is censoring itself, perhaps because of fear of repercussion by our tea-towel wearing friends behind beards and veils.

Needless to say, Google hides behind ‘a software problem’ and “they are working on it”. Yeah right…

This is another proof that it is time to look beyond Google for true searches.

Islam is: intolerant, violent, sexist, murderous, ignorant, dishonest, trying to take over the world, and well explained in Fitna the Move: http://www.themoviefitna.com/?page_id=47

  1. February 8, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    what is islam?

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