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Sex with animals to be punishable in the Netherlands.

Both houses of the Dutch Parliament approved the proposal to pornography and sex with animals to be a criminal offense. Only CDA (Christian Democrats) and VVD (Liberals) in the Senate  (Upper House) voted against. The dissenters stand behind the goal to fight bestiality, but they wonder whether this law is the right way.  They claimed that it  is not feasible to maintain. Other parties in the Senate find the proposal of PvdA (Labour) MP Harm Evert Waalkens not to go far enough, but are happy with this step.

Waalkens predicted on the day before the vote in the Senate, that it would be a tight vote.  At the end, there were 39 for voters and 34 senators voted against. Waalkens’ initiative came is meant to reduce the trade of movies about bestiality with animals on the Internet. Most bestiality porn is manufactured in the Netherlands.