Full blockade at Greek border to Bulgaria, Macedonia

Focus – Greek farmers’ blockade of the Bulgarian-Greek border is getting more intensive and over the next days the Kalata border checkpoint will stay closed.
Meanwhile, it is no longer possible to use the transitory route through Macedonia since as of Thursday there will be a 48-hour strike of the Greek customs officers at the Macedonian border.
There are declarations that Greek farmers’ protests will intensify, said the Greek ambassador to Bulgaria.
There is something that is made very clear, including in Bulgaria, and it is that the actions of the Greek farmers are not united in one general front, Greek ambassador to Bulgaria Danae-Madeleine Koumanakou said after meeting Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov, FOCUS News Agency reporter informs.
Koumanakou explained that this makes the negotiations with their representatives even harder.
The ambassador added that there are declarations that the protests will get more intensive despite that one of the blockades have been already lifted.
“All that is happening comes after a consultation made on the spot”, Koumanakou said.
The ambassador has no information about which of the blockades have been lifted. Asked whether there is any tolerance bounds on behalf of the Greek government, Koumanakou remarked that there are talks and efforts are made but there are no set deadlines. She added Greece’s government has seriously undertaken the issue, explaining the possibilities.
The Kulata-Promachonas border checkpoint will be closed for several days, Border Police announced. At the moment only the Zlatograd checkpoint is working normally at the Bulgarian-Greek border.
Chief Border Police Directorate received information from the Greek border authorities that the protesting Greek farmers have announced that they will allow no vehicles cross the border checkpoint over the next 3 – 4 days.
The last time the blockade was lifted was last night. Some of the heavy-freight TIR trucks that cross the border during the admission regime have been waiting there for more than 72 hours.
Citizens who have to travel to Greece should use other border checkpoints where the blockade is not for such a long time.
As of 11.30 a.m., the Ilinden-Exochi border checkpoint is closed for all kind of vehicles.
The Kapitan Petko Voyvoda-Ormenion border checkpoint is closed, too. According to latest information, it will be opened again at 2 p.m. on Thursday.
The Zlatograd border checkpoint is working normally.
Stock-breeders from the town of Drama, Greece, will stage protest at the Exochi border checkpoint at the Bulgarian-Greek border and will pour huge amount of milk on the road as a mark of protest, local media report.
The demonstration will be in support of farmers’ demand for financial aid and solution to their institutional demands.
Similar actions will be taken by farmers in Xanthi on Friday. The protestors plan to invade the building of the local government.
On Wednesday, stock-breeders from Doiran poured milk on the road, joining Greek farmers’ protest.
On Saturday, the stock-breeders will hold a meeting in Thasseloniki to decide their future actions.
In addition, tax and customs officers in Greece announced they go out on a two-day strike to protest against the cut allowances provided in the state budget and the frozen remunerations, local media report.
The strike will be held on Thursday and Friday, January 4-5.


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