“Turkish Yoke” in Kabul…

The term “Turkish Yoke” stirred controversy between Bulgarian and Turkish servicemen from the NATO mission in Afghanistan.
Major Daniela Blagoeva, reportedly made a presentation dedicated to Bulgaria’s Liberaton Day, which had been deemed offensive by Turkish army officers. Blagoeva had posted the presentation on the ISAF intranet in Kabul with text talking about the Turkish Yoke instead of the politically correct Ottoman Rule.
The Bulgarian Chief of Staff in Afghanistan had already apologized to his Turkish counterpart for the wrong use of terms.
The Bulgarian Defense Ministry informs the presentation had not been assigned to Blagoeva. The material has been deleted and the Turkish side expressed satisfaction over the swift reaction.
Blagoeva has not been punished and will continue to serve in Kabul until the new contingent arrives. Novinite

I suppose our Turkish friends also would like a rename and rewrite of ‘Under The Yoke’ by Ivan Vazov written in 1888 to ‘Ottoman Tourism’. It depicts the Ottoman oppression of Bulgaria and is the most famous piece of classic Bulgarian literature. Under the Yoke has been translated into more than 30 languages.
The Turkish military and leadership should apologise to Bulgaria until the end of time for 500 years of forced mass conversions and murders. This is like the Dutch referring to the mass killings in Indonesia as cultural exchanges, the German occupations in WWII as fatherly advise or the Americans in Vietnam and Korea as exporting Barbeque technology.
The Turks have well shown in the last century that there is no difference between Ottoman and Turkish. The genocide of 1.5 million Armenians starting in 1915 was done by Turkish troops. History will also not be kind to Turkey in regards to their treatment of the Kurds.
I think that Major Daniela Blagoeva deserves a medal!!!

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