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The properties of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) are at the heart of the attacks on the establishment

The properties of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) are at the heart of the attacks on the establishment, said BAS in an open letter in connection with allegations by Education Minister Sergei Ignatov made during Question Time on Friday that the Academy mismanages its properties. BAS says that the findings contained in a report by the Public Financial Inspection Agency refute the allegations. The Academy yet again recalls that in 95 per cent of the cases BAS research institutes are housed at the properties that have caused a great deal of controversy whether BAS really needs them. BTA

Hacker Army Wikileaks continues to grow

More and more people are joining the hackers led by activist group Anonymous websites of companies and agencies cripple who would turn against Wikileaks. A spokesperson of the activist group said. There were now more than five thousand people in the hackers army.

According to his own words 22-year-old computer programmer more attacks to come. “I see this result in a war, but not your conventional war. This is an information war,” said the man. “We try to keep the Internet free and open to everyone, like the Internet always has been.”

Anonymous has Twitter threatened to be the next target, because the censors would have applied by the popular topic of Wikileaks’ not to be identified on the site. Twitter denies that this is the case. Even oil giant BP has warned of an attack using Twitter. “Wikileaks know what you’ve done. They reveal, we are subject to”.

Anyone can hack

The hackers and their associates use a so-called DDoS attack. Anyone wishing to attack a computer program installed, which connect to a server can be created, which controls the computers connected to a website shut down.

Including the websites of the credit card companies Visa and Mastercard, which accounts for Wikileaks to stop, have been shut down by a cyber attack. (Reuters)

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