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Can Google Sue Rupert Murdoch Over SOPA?

Author: Stephen Alexander

Much like “big beef” sued Oprah Winfrey in the 1990’s, Google could sue Rupert Murdoch today over his comments in reference to the SOPA debate. In court and in the media, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association tried to show that Oprah Winfrey deliberately aired false, sensationalized claims about food safety in order to boost ratings.

The alleged defamation by Rupert Murdoch against Google is alarming, especially in light od Mr. Murdoch’s recent tweets about Google’s business practices. The first set of tweets by Rupert Murdoch allegedly accuses Google of thievery.

“So Obama has thrown in his lot with Silicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery. -”

“Piracy leader is Google who streams movies free, sells advts around them. No wonder pouring millions into lobbying.”

“Film making is risky as hell. This has to lead to less, hurting writers, actors, all concerned.”

These statements are allegedly defamatory against Google and could in fact hurt Google’s commercial reputation in the world.

To make matter’s completely clear to his followers on Twitter, Mr. Murdoch sent a follow-up tweet around 5 hours later to continue the berating of Google.

“Sure misunderstand many things, but not plain stealing. Incidentally google blocks many other undesirable things.”

So just like Oprah Winfrey was sued and had her mouth tamed by the beef industry, perhaps Google could sue Mr. Murdoch and tame his mouth.

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