Snow Report


Snow And Weather Reportby Lance on January 8, 2010

Bansko snow and weather video It froze to ice in Bansko town last night. Some ice on the paths when I strolled across to the gondola. But this slight drop in temperature will help keep ski conditions satisfactory for the first part of the day. Expect slush later on.

After Ivanka’s name day snow report special yesterday, and subsequent celebrations at Harry’s Bar Quiz Night, she’s taking a rest. So I took a stroll to the gondola lift to make the video report. The fog is lifting a little but will remain generally cloudy. The snow road back to town is open.

Snow And Weather Forecast 

Weather forecast is for the fog to clear today. Saturday will be sunny until later in the day, when there will be snow — which should continue until early Sunday. The Accuview forecast on this site is proving to be  accurate; so I’m using this to back up what the weather charts are telling me.

Lifts Open Queues

At 8:10 am this morning there was a long queue waiting for the gondola to start . Today the first skiers will have arrived by 07:50 to be ensure first gondolas up. Oh dear…

…and the queues today will be large: as I write the Todorka chair lifts are shut. 

Lift Queue At 08:10, 8th January 2010 The alternative is to drive up to Buderitsa early in the morning — and this is a good option right now. I also recommend Chalin Valog area for beginners. The drag lift there had less long lines than Buderitsa, and the snow cover is sufficient.

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