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Bulgaria will Clean Web Space from Pirates

The two biggest torrent tracker Bulgarian Web sites, and, will be closed down, said the head of Bulgaria’s Computer Crimes Department, Yavor Kolev.

He explained that they distribute pirate files and deceive users to send sms messages. “We’ll clean the web space from Internet pirates and establish legal platforms for file downloads, said Kolev at TV program last week, “I have nothing against Internet users downloading movie and music files from the net as long as that does not constitute an intellectual theft.”

The European Director of the International Recording Federation, Frances Moore, said that Bulgaria ranks first in the EU by Internet piracy. Mr. Kolev declared that the government will go after the investors in Internet piracy rather than regular Internet users to overcome the problem.

According to unconfirmed data, the true owner of the Zamunda is a Syrian citizen and is under Russian control.

Bulgarian children Choir “Pim-Pam” has a new website.

Pim-Pam is one of the leading vocal groups for kids in Bulgaria. For more than 20 years Pim-Pam popularizes a natural, unique, charming interpretation of songs in different styles and genres.

We are from 4 to 14 years old. The art of Pim-Pam combies music, dance and theatre. And, of course, a lot of smiles. And a joy with the music! WWW.PIMPAM.ORG


Drug Free Weightlifting World Champion Mariyana Marinova first VIP passenger to fly with Sofia International.

January 2, 2010 1 comment

Mariyana Marinova, the current Drug Free Power Lifting World Champion (Milton Keynes 14 Nov 2009) under 54kg and triple World Record Holder, was the first VIP passenger aboard the new Berlin-Sofia-Berlin Flight on December 23rd. Mariyana is currently based at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.

Mariyana is also Vice President of the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation.

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Bulgaria to fight graft with tax, customs link –

August 7, 2009 1 comment

SOFIA, Aug 6 (Reuters) – Bulgaria said on Thursday it would link information systems between its tax and customs authorities in order to clamp down on the fraud and rampant corruption that is robbing the EU member state of billions of euros in revenues.

Finance Minister Simeon Djankov, who is also deputy prime minister, said Bulgaria was losing 2-3 billion levs ($1.5-$2.2 billion) a year from smuggling and tax fraud.

Bulgaria’s ruling GERB party won July parliamentary elections by promising to uproot rampant corruption and shield the emerging economy from the global economic crisis.

‘The link will help to boost tax collection and will limit the unfair competition of different smuggled goods, mainly fuels, alcohol, meat and vegetables,’ Djankov said.

‘It will also make Bulgaria more transparent,’ he told reporters.

Djankov said the move could boost tax collection by about 200 million levs by the end of this year, while customs income would increase by another 500 million levs.


The European Union member state, hard hit by the economic downturn, needs to plug a 2.5 billion lev gap in its finances to prevent its budget slipping into deficit.

To do so would put pressure on Bulgaria’s currency board regime and its currency peg to the euro.

On Wednesday, the new government announced spending cuts that it said would make up some 46 percent of the expected shortfall. The remaining part would be covered by generating additional revenues.

Djankov said the IT systems of the two state agencies could have been linked six years ago but a lack of political will prevented that from happening.

The finance minister on Thursday appointed Vanio Tanov, a former head of the country’s anti-organised crime unit, as the new chief director of the customs office.

The move is part of reforms aimed to rid Bulgaria of its reputation as the European Union’s most corrupt country and free up millions of euros in EU aid which Brussels froze to last year due to fraud and lack of results in fighting graft.

Bulgaria to fight graft with tax, customs link –

Irish investors hit by collapse of Bulgarian property agent

SCORES OF Irish investors have been hit by the collapse of a UK-based agent specialising in Bulgarian properties.


Bulgarian Dreams, which once claimed nearly 30 per cent of its customers came from Ireland, has ceased trading, shortly after it featured in a critical BBC documentary.

The company has blamed “extraordinarily difficult economic conditions” for its demise.

In January 2008, the Association of International Property Professionals said it expelled the company for breaching the association’s code of conduct. At the time, Bulgarian Dreams claimed it had not been expelled but had resigned some time earlier.

Exactly how many Irish customers of Bulgarian Dreams are affected is not clear, but Sofia-based lawyer Milen Hristov, who is filing claims on behalf of aggrieved customers, said he had received inquiries from a number of Irish purchasers.

Bulgarian Dreams marketed a number of its developments in Bansko, Pomporovo and other Bulgarian locations at property exhibitions in Ireland in recent years. Bulgarian apartments were popular with investors seeking low-price entry into the overseas property market and fast growth rates.

However, an oversupply of apartments on the market, together with the downturn in property markets, saw demand plummet and many investors are now left holding apartments that are impossible to sell.

Overseas property consultant Diarmuid Condon likened the collapse of the Bulgarian property market to events nearer home: “Bulgarian cities are doing okay, but the resorts where Irish investors have bought are like ghost towns. Building has stopped, apartments aren’t selling and developers can’t raise finance. There’s an awful lot of people sitting on properties that were supposed to have been completed but aren’t.”

Bulgarian Dreams advertised itself as a specialist real estate agent with “unparalleled local knowledge” of the local property market.

However, it came in for criticism from some customers who claimed it was not delivering on its promises. In particular, there were complaints about the non-completion of developments and missing facilities that had been promised.

The company said the problems had nothing to do with it and referred customers to the development companies.

Last year, it abandoned plans to build a €100 million Black Sea resort with an Arabic theme, which had been criticised by environmentalists and architects in Bulgaria.

Earlier this week, the company featured on BBC’s Watchdog programme, which said it was aware of 80 customers whose apartments remained uncompleted.


This article appears in the print edition of the Irish Times

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