Agushevi Konatsi

A monument of Rhodopean architecture, this early 19th century estate was once the residence of a Turkish feudal lord. This remarkable ensemble of residential and agricultural buildings is situated near the spring of Arda river, in the village of Mogilitsa. The palace is unique for its 221 windows, 86 doors and 24 chimneys.

Agushevi Konatsi
 Baba Vida Fortress
 Bachkovo Monastery
 Bacho Kiro Cave
 Belogradchik Rocks
 Botanic Garden
 Boyana Church
 Chairite Lakes
 Devil’s Bridge
 Devil’s Throat Cave
 Dourankoulak Moor
 Emine Cape
 Jagodinska Cave
 Kaliakra Cape
 Kamchiya River
 Ledenika Cave
 Madara Rider
 Magura Cave
 Old Town of Plovdiv
 Orlova Chouka
 Rila Monastery
 Ropotamo River
 Shabla Cape
 Shiroka Luka

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